A great gift can also be gift vouchers for either coaching or surf lessons.

Upon receipt of your order, I will send you either a gift voucher for coaching or surf lessons, mentioning the name of the participant, the number of lessons, or day/half day coaching.

These vouchers have no validity date
The lessons are given at Capbreton,Hossegor, or Seignosse, from May to October included.

Surf gift Voucher
Examples :
  • Gift Voucher worth 35 euros = 1 surf lesson
  • Gift voucher surf course – 3 lessons = 100 euros
  • Gift voucher – 1 day’s coaching = 150 euros
  • Gift voucher – Week-End (2 lessons) = 70 euros
  • Gift voucher – Week (5 lessons) = 155 euros

Here is an example of the Gift Voucher you will receive.
Bon Cadeau Surf